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StudioPress Sites Review

Studiopress has been a major player in the WordPress community for years with their flagship theme framework, Genesis. I’ve come to expect a certain level of quality from the people behind StudioPress. When I heard that they were offering a moderately reasonable managed Wordpress hosting service. I had to check it out myself in this StudioPress Sites review. In this review we look at the pros and cons of using the new StudioPress Sites managed hosting service. Overview Before getting into the details, I want to go over the a brief overview of my main thoughts on the service.…

Your Most Valuable Resource is Time — Get More of it through Automation

How would you feel about increasing the number of productive hours you spend working every day, without working harder, or for longer? What about eliminating errors, enhancing your business processes, and reducing all the dreaded admin you have to do? Good news, you can — It’s all about automation. One thing every small business owner, entrepreneur, middle-manager or startup can agree on is that there’s never enough time to get everything done.…

Don't Panic! The Ultimate Guide to Picking a Marketing Automation Tool.

Marketing isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Go around and survey a bunch of business owners, and they’ll undoubtedly tell you how critical marketing is to building consumer-brand trust and building a solid relationship with their customers. This is because marketing and sales go together like mac and cheese, and is the foundation that keeps companies strong and able to continue growing.

Kentico Cloud - What’s It All About?

Are you tired of having a CMS that just doesn’t do what you want it to? Do you feel like you are just babysitting your CMS, taking care of the web servers, upgrades, hotfixes, backups, and constantly dealing with a growing list of plugins? Isn’t it frustrating when you have to rewrite your awesome code because your CMS just refuses to play nice? Are you tired of creating different versions of the same content to optimize it for various channels? Wish there was another way? Now, there is. Kentico Cloud is the cloud-first headless CMS for digital agencies and their clients.…

Cloud-first Headless CMS—The Game Changer for Digital Agencies

Cloud-first headless CMS in the SaaS model is clearly going to revolutionize content production and delivery to a multi-channel, multi-device generation.…

Cloud-First Headless CMS: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

Through the years, CMS products have generally been built as a coupled CMS. This architecture includes everything in a single application: the content repository, the back-end UI for editors, the templating system, and all your custom code. It’s a popular approach because it requires only a single environment, and is easy to set up and manage. Coupled Architecture Has Its Issues In the coupled architecture, the CMS code is tightly connected with your templates and custom code.…

Cloud-first CMS Is Not Just a CMS in the Cloud

Content Management Systems have seen some huge changes recently to allow for advancements in technology. The development and continued improvements of various devices like smartphones, smartwatches, Internet of Things devices, virtual reality, augmented reality, and any other content displaying devices mean that the need for on-demand content is growing at a phenomenal rate. How do you do it? Content Management Systems A typical CMS allows you to create and store content, be it text, image, video, or more, and display that content on a website, even with limited web programming knowledge.…

JotForm 4.0 Takes Building Web Forms to Mobile Devices, Offline

JotForm, a popular web form building tool, announced the release of its new form builder today -- JotForm 4.0. In the company’s first major update since 2010, JotForm 4.0 now offers the first fully functional online form builder that works on a mobile device. Every element you need to create any type of form -- from basic address and name fields, to payment processing integrations -- can be created using your phone or tablet. Plus, there are a number of other significant upgrades as well.

StudioPress launches StudioPress Sites - The ease of an all-in-one website builder with the flexible power of WordPress

It's official! The latest offering from the enormously popular WordPress developer, StudioPress is now live and you get to hear about it first here on CMS Critic. StudioPress has launched a brand new website builder called StudioPress sites that gives you the ease of an all-in-one website builder with the flexible power of WordPress! What do you get with StudioPress Sites? The Incredibly Powerful Genesis Framework StudioPress Sites are built on the extremely popular Genesis Framework, of which the majority of the most popular WordPress websites on the internet are built.…

How Cloud-based File Sharing Technology Improves SEO for Small Businesses

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to improve your SEO without the usual gimmick, and in a way that actually works wonders for your business and its data security, too. Let’s begin with a rhetorical question. What’s the point in having technology to secure and optimize your business if you don’t have enough business to make it worthwhile? It’s difficult to answer this question in a way that refutes it: On average, nobody will disagree with the statement that the question poses.…

Defrozo Photography Website Solution from MotoCMS

With Defrozo you do not need any coding experience. Neither the assistance of well-paid web designers or programmers is required. The built-in editor is simple and fast.