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The Big Three: A Security Comparison of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla!

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla make up the big-three in content management systems, collectively they form the three most popular and widely-used CMS. Security wise, CMS are a goldmine for hackers, as they provide the building blocks for a large portion of all the world-wide web. The popularity of these systems means they are a prime target for hackers. Because of this, the systems have been developed over time to be extremely secure. All services are free and open-source projects that use extensions and add-ons to supplement core code to allow for additional features.…

4 Tips for Boosting Your Email Marketing Strategy

Every business owner wants to expand and grow their client base, and email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for both getting and nurturing leads. A few years back, there were a lot of marketers who loudly declared email marketing was a thing of the past. Yet, they were obviously wrong. Email marketing is evolving as rapidly as the rest of technology, and helps ensure you get one of the highest returns on the resources you’re investing in your marketing efforts. However, you know not every email is going to get opened.…

8 Essential Features of Effective eCommerce Checkout Pages

You know these customers: they browse your site, add items to their cart, navigate to your checkout page and then, inexplicably, disappear never to return again. If you’re wondering why your customers are leaving your site without converting, we can help. In this article we compile the 8 top tips to make your checkout pages as efficient as possible, so you can turn more of those hesitant visitors into conversions. We hope you find them useful. 1. Reduce the number of checkout steps Making your checkout process as simple as possible is the best way to increase conversions.…

New UI/UX Unveiled in dotCMS 4.x Series

Built on Angular2 JS framework, dotCMS 4.0 includes a new SPA layout, user notifications, and mobile device previews to improve usability of the platform

Open-Source Pimcore Digital Platform: Consolidating PIM/MDM, DAM, CMS & E-Commerce

With digital technology advancements - websites and web applications have evolved from static to rich and interactive customer experiences. User perception is most critical - so the poor, rushed design does not cut it anymore. User experience goes beyond on-screen design.…

Security tips for CMS

Information security has become key for any business in the current technological climate. The need for experienced personnel to secure company assets and analyse potential risks to data is increasing daily.…

Agility Helps Customers Unlock the Potential of Online Sales with Its New eCommerce Solution

Agility Inc, a fully-integrated digital experience platform offering Content Management, Online Ticketing and Real-Time Personalization, now offers Agility eCommerce, a solution providing scalable and responsive online storefronts. Agility eCommerce is managed centrally from the Agility platform and provides full freedom of design and customization.

Google is Changing the Game with Featured Snippets

Every day, countless people are searching the web for all different types of information. In response to this, google is constantly adding new features and adapting their search strategy so that people can get access to the most relevant information for their search queries. If you run a website, it is important to always keep an eye on what is happening with Google in order to stay current and to take advantage of new opportunities.…

The Essentials of Enterprise Software

When starting a new business, step one is to find out what software you'll need to run your business. Once your business is growing it will be much more difficult to create the technological foundation on which your business will continue to grow. Starting with the right software that suits the needs of your business will get your business intelligence funnel started from day one, instantly providing data you can use to make informed business decisions. Equipped with this data, you can determine what software, campaigns, and content are causing growth and what isn't.…

RedPoint Global Unveils New Hub Solution to Solve Customer Engagement Gap

Today, RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, introduced the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub™ (CEH) solution, helping enterprises overcome the challenges caused by the gap between ever-changing customer expectations and the actual experience brands deliver. The RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub enables brands to continuously connect with customers in a highly relevant way and ubiquitously deliver the promise of the brand across all touchpoints.…

Your Guide to Crafting a UX That Will Increase Your Online Sales

As an eCommerce business, one of your main challenges will be keeping your sales up and finding new revenue opportunities. But there is so much you can do to actually streamline your business processes around maximizing your existing sales and revenue channels.

Six Surefire Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Websites

Look. Marketing is way more difficult than most people realize. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You’ve got the products. You’ve got the website. You’ve got the payments all set up, and you’ve got everything ready to be packaged and sent out. Now, all you’ve got to do is bring in some website traffic and convert your visitors into paying customers. It won’t happen overnight, and it will be a challenge.…