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Are you actually using an enterprise WCMS?

I often get the question “What is an enterprise web content management system (WCMS)?” with the subtle insinuation that I must differentiate a WCMS from an enterprise WCMS. To begin, enterprise is not just a buzzword that we’ve appended to the WCMS acronym to charge more money; it actually has a very powerful and paramount meaning to larger organizations and government entities that handle sensitive data, manage a portfolio of digital properties, and require the highest levels of scalability, availability, security, and redundancy.…

7 Multi-Lingual Website Best Practices To Keep In Mind

If you’re a business targeting visitors in non-English-speaking countries, providing multi-lingual sites is probably a necessity. Or, you may just see it as a nice-to-have that could potentially bring additional leads or revenue. Either way, building multi-lingual sites comes with its own set of challenges and considerations; it’s not as simple as clicking “translate”.

Overview of new features in nopCommerce 3.90

nopCommerce, a free open source ASP.NET MVC based eCommerce platform, has recently released its 3.90 version. The latest version contains significant improvements in performance optimization, in marketing and content management functionality, and in the admin area UI and UX. Many ideas for the product improvement are coming from nopCommerce community, and it’s really great to see support from the partners and nopCommerce developers from all over the world.

Advantages of Choosing an Open-Source App Builder

You’re launching a new business and you want to create a mobile application for you or your customers? Many tools exist to achieve it, but do you know the differences between them and what it implies for your business?…

Winners and Losers From This Weeks Raw and SmackDown Live

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How To Choose the Best CMS for Your Business Needs

When deciding to build a new website, many businesses’ first question is: what CMS should I choose? But picking a CMS isn’t about choosing whatever the best CMS in the market is. Every company’s needs are different and, accordingly, different CMS platforms will be best for different companies. Many companies also get stuck in the idea of whether to choose a proprietary or an open source solution, or to find a platform that is specifically catered to their industry. Although these can be helpful things to think about, they can also be counterproductive if they take away from choosing the best CMS platform for you. In fact, going for a platform that isn’t an obvious choice for your industry may lead to great ideas you hadn’t considered.

Just a Couple of Reasons Why NJPW is Awesome

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Free & Open source: Personalized Web Experience Management with Pimcore

There is a huge variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) available in the market – all of which seem to have similar offerings that include an assortment of useful and effective features to enable content and asset management. With such similarities between systems, how does one go about choosing the right system? How is it possible to differentiate the robust and reliable solutions from the underperforming ones? Well, it isn’t easy – but of course there are some CMS’s that manage to stand out in the market.…

Get The First "Income" from Your Online Business

Check out a ready-made solution for financial services business. The features of this theme will allow you to create a reputable business website easily.

Kurt Angle to Wrestle Again? Update on Mauro Ranallo, Smackdown Star to Receive Push

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