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phpFox Review - Is This The Right Software For Your Social Network?

phpFox is one of the most popular social networking software on the market but is the latest iteration of the software worth using for your social network? In this phpFox review, we'll let you know. With pricing ranging from $299 - $599, phpFox is definitely not a cheap investment so you'll want to make sure it's 100% the right tool for you before you get started. Fortunately, there's a demo you can use to mess around with the software. The drawback, however, is that the demo does not allow you into the AdminCP (the back end of phpFox) to see what it's like to administer the software, something I find a bit odd. Luckily, I was given a test account so I could write this review, so let's take a look and see what the admin interface looks like. Once logged in, you'll be presented with the menu for a logged in user (top right) where you can select the small gear icon to enter the AdminCP. Once you've entered the admin interface, you'll be greeted with the following screen: From here, you

Weebly 4 is out and brings lots of changes to the popular website builder

Weebly has announced the 4th release of their popular website builder. Some of the highlights of this release include reimagined headers, video backgrounds, specialized layouts, even more templates and tons more. Here's a quick video showcasing some of the new things in Weebly 4: From an eCommerce perspective, Weebly 4 brings some new changes such as: Reimagined customizable eCommerce storefront allows you to drag and drop products and categories anywhere on your site to drive sales. The automatic tax calculator saves time with one-click tax rates for the entire US, guidance for international rates, plus provides the ability to set taxes by region, price, or manually. Get the best real-time shipping rates across carriers to save you and your customers money. Drive new sales with site-branded, digital gift cards and custom coupon codes. There are also some interesting marketing based additions such as: Unprecedented level of integration between your site, store, and email marketing. Ju

The Geography of Fintech: Which Locales Need it Most?

The financial sector has long been a gallant emblem of promise and lucrativeness for Americans, and this perception remains undaunted by increasingly stringent regulations and auditing challenges to which the industry’s been subjected in recent years. However, if the public and those who work within the financial services sector wish to continually rely on this industry as the backbone of America, professionals within the industry must adapt to Financial technology — and quickly. Otherwise, it will become difficult for areas with fewer people and resources to keep pace with the suburban and urban competition of this industry. Geography & Technology Although there is very rarely a singular or even two-fold cause for anything, research suggests that the financial services sector is heavily impacted by two things: geography, and technology—particularly within the United States. Accounting Principles released an article last month covering a state-by-state analysis of where financia

Gartner DWS 2016: How It Went Down

It may have been a typically grey London morning, but the Park Plaza Hotel in the heart of England's capital was looking elegant as I made my way to the entrance. I was ready for the first day of Gartner DWS 2016. Once inside, I was directed to the registration room where I was able to sign in and print my own pass. An attendant remarked that I was the first member of the press to arrive – which only intensified my resentment for my early morning alarm. But hey, I was on time for Gartner’s opening keynote, which to its credit, made it all seem worth it. Gartner's Debra Logan delivered the keynote to a room brimming with attendees. She entertainingly hopped between topics like customer engagement, leadership, and risk taking in the world of business. It was an intruguing presentation with lots of imagery, perfect as an appetizer for the two days ahead. Spotlight on Social Colloboration The rest of the two-day event had a big focus on social collaboration in the workplace. The spons

Mautic Raises $5M to Fund Open Source Marketing Automation Project

Mautic, the open source marketing automation software vendor, has successfully closed a $5 million A Round, led by G20 Ventures and Underscore.VC. A big win for the growing cloud-based marketing company. Earlier in 2016, Mautic announced $600,000 in seed funding from the same two investors mentioned above. This new round of investment has come following Mautic's significant traction with its customers and open source community. A Closer Look at Mautic The Mautic open source project has enjoyed a healthy level of growth throughout 2016. The statistics speak for themselves: More than 50,000 downloads of the open source version More than 20,000 additional companies using the free hosted version Thousands of contributing developers around the world Translated into 24 different languages Launched dozens of new features in 2016 alone due to the vibrant community Those features include things like SMS campaigns, contact management, segmentation, multi-channel marketing, built-in reports, and

eZ Systems partners with Platform.sh to accelerate development of content- rich websites and applications

In their mission to help enterprises build stronger performing applications at speed and scale, eZ Systems and Platform.sh announce today a new partnership that offers developers an accelerated path to build content-rich websites and web applications with eZ’s open source content management system, eZ Platform, and its premium edition, eZ Enterprise. By taking advantage of Platform.sh’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), eZ now allows developers to build, test, and deploy new features faster and more frequently, which in turn reduces costs, time, and risk for the business. Whether it’s ecommerce, news and media sites, multi-channel applications or connected devices (the Internet of Things), users expect seamless, engaging digital experiences. This puts pressure on the C- suite, developers, marketers and editors to deliver new features quickly and on quality to meet users’ heightened expectations. eZ’s choice to integrate Platform.sh’s PaaS into eZ’s content management system

CMS Critic to Attend eZ Conference 2016: Beyond The Web

eZ Systems, the open source CMS vendor, is hosting their latest conference – called, eZ Conference 2016: Beyond the Web – in the centre of Paris on October 5th and 6th. And CMS Critic will be there. The conference promises to bring together experts in digital strategy, marketing, and engineering to exchange ideas on how to deliver remarkable digital experiences. The venue is the lovely Ch√Ęteauform' City Le Cnit in Paris, minutes away from L'arc de Triomphe. eZ Conference 2016: Who's Speaking? The eZ Conference will host more than 20 distinguished speakers, including business and technology leaders, digital transformation specialists, marketers, and software developers. The speakers that make up the two-day agenda include the likes of Paul Boag, an industry leader in user experience and digital strategy; Yann Gourvennec, CEO and Founder of the digital marketing agency Visionary Marketing; Mark Brincat, Chief Technology Officer of The Economist; and Dietmar Schantin, Founder of the

Surreal CMS Now Offers Demo Websites

Surreal CMS is a platform that integrates with existing websites to bring you inline editing and other content management functionality. It has been designed for web designers with clients who wish to modify their websites quickly and easily. Until now, there was no way to demo Surreal CMS without hooking it up to an existing website. But that just changed. As of today, you can test the features of Surreal CMS on a demo website before you commit to bringing it to your own web property. That’s not to say the integration process was ever too bad, though. The addition of some simple code into your website’s header does the trick. However, this update certainly makes things easier for prospective users. An Intro to Surreal CMS Manage all your websites and clients from one account. Surreal CMS connects to your websites using FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3. You can then give clients access to specific pages or page areas, allowing them to edit their content inline. It's pretty sleek. Surreal C

Crackmasters Edmonton West end BBB Accreditation

Yesterday, Friday December 18 2015, Crackmasters Edmonton West end received a Better Business Bureau (BBB) welcome email - we are a newly Accredited Business! This is great news for us. We have been open as a family business now for 16 months. It is always fun to reach another milestone in the life of a small business.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Auto Repair - Windshield, Glass Shops in Edmonton AB

 click this link to get an Edmonton Windshield repair/replacement quote, Crackmasters uses OEM Windshields 
Crackmasters Windshield [Auto Glass] West end Edmonton 
17544 105 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta T5S 1G4 map (780)488-2255

a little bit of fun with Stickers

So, Laurel added some personal touches to my Happy-face sticker on my photo
NOW it is my Happy-face on the picture!  Thank-you

Edmonton Windshield
Happy-face sticker with Crackmasters  
check out more art by Laurel:  http://hilaurel.blogspot.ca/

 click this link to get an Edmonton Windshield repair/replacement quote, Crackmasters uses OEM Windshields 
Crackmasters Windshield [Auto Glass] West end Edmonton 
17544 105 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta T5S 1G4 map (780)488-2255

Crackmasters repair windshield cracks and chips

At Crackmasters Edmonton West we repair long windshield cracks and chips in about 20 min
we can also replace your Auto Glass (windshield, door, side or back...)

Windshield repair
Windshield repair
Long windshield cracks and chips smaller than a loonie can be repaired at Crackmasters.  We can also replace a windshield if their is too much damage.

Crackmasters Edmonton West is located in the light industrial area in West Edmonton With easy access using 105 Ave from 184, 178 and 170 Streets.  The Shop is in the Greenbay Business park and the entrance is at the corner of 105 Ave at 176 Street.  Crackmasters is in the West Greenbay building facing west.  stop in and I'll help you see better.

A windshield is an integral part of your vehicles safety and structure, keep all passengers safe with a quality repair or a replacement using only good quality glass.  As an added bonus I apply Aquapel glass treatment (rain repellent) and like all Crackmasters I give you 90 days of FREE chip repair with your new windshield.  Choose us we look after you after you leave our shop.

 click this link to get an Edmonton Windshield repair/replacement quote, Crackmasters uses OM Windshields 
Crackmasters Windshield [Auto Glass] West end Edmonton 
17544 105 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta T5S 1G4 map (780)488-2255

new directional signs for Crackmasters Edmonton West

So, we are working on some new signs for The Shop

signs for Crackmasters Auto Glass
signs for Crackmasters Edmonton West

 click this link to get an Edmonton Windshield repair/replacement quote, Crackmasters uses OEM Windshields 
Crackmasters Windshield [Auto Glass] West end Edmonton 
17544 105 Ave NW Edmonton Alberta T5S 1G4 map (780)488-2255